Play pokémon go at home..
Watch full Video to Hack pokémon go with Fly GPS Joystick in 1 min!

Fly GPS-Location fake/Fake GPS

➥Download Fly GPS From Playstore!

Use joystick -
1. Move the joystick can be positioned by dragging around
2. Click and hold the joystick feature hidden around the joystick
3. Set the joystick can be moved away from the Preferences

Set location mode to High Accuracy.

# # Developer Mode
Developer mode being activated - 1. Settings - About phone - Software - Build number (7 clicks).
Using the app 2. Settings - Developer Options - or mock locations Allow mock locations apps selection (FlyGPS)

➥ Failed to Detect Location? and For More Details Visit:

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Using Hacks like GPS or Location Spoofing or any other cheats in Pokemon Go your account will be banned. It's called soft ban as it is temporary, lasting for a few hours, which means you can get back to doing your cheating once the soft ban is over.

Settings and Options may differ from device to device.So try following the same method.It may or may not work on all devices or on all android versions.
Device used in this video: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro
Android version: 6.0.1

➥It seems that this hack doesn't seems to be working in Android versions 7.0 and 7.1 due to some security updates which is actually optional and you can opt out if you still wanna use this hack!!
In previous versions of Android, fake GPS apps were able to change users GPS location without disclosing that to the system, making it impossible for Pokémon GO to detect usage of such apps.
Even android version 6.0 could be receiving this security update in which users can no longer spoof.
Trying to reduce the amount of spoofers!!

Any questions? comment down below!

And Let me know if there's any better hack!!

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